About NuLevel

NuLevel Strategic Solutions, LLC is a boutique business strategy firm located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Over the last 18 years our company has worked with hundreds of small and mid-sized high-potential businesses located across the United States.  Our aim has always been to develop strong and highly effective management teams that are equipped to compete in a modern fast-paced, technology-driven business environment.

Our i3LeadershipTM delivery model is the fuel driving our efforts and is rooted in the 3 pillars of Intelligence, Innovation and Influence.

Why We Exist?

In our fast-past, ever changing, hyper-competitive world, having a competitive advantage is often distinguished by our collective intelligence, innovative accumen and unique ability to Influence others.

How we influence and are influenced by the world around us will ultimately determine our ability to succeed within it.

Our mission is to help facilitate the right conditions for high-potential businesses to integrate the i3LeadershipTM model and consequently transform its position in the market place.Our goal is to inspire each client to embrace their intellect…pursue innovation…and ignite the world around them.


Focused Approach


Our initial focus is on Operational Excellence.  We believe that this is the foundation for all successful companies, and it is centered on having excellent ideas, people, systems and resources.


Next we focus on Risk Mitigation, which entails evaluating all critical risks and ensuring that we develop a strategy for mitigating each.


Once we’ve dealt with Operational Excellence and Risk Mitigation, our focus shifts to sustainable Revenue Growth, which is a very customized process.


Cost reduction, avoidance and savings are key drivers in Profitability.  We focus on each of these to ensure that our clients achieve strong Gross and Net Profit Margins.


If all of the above factors are addressed effectively then the company should realize meaningful increases in Business Value.  Business Value is at the fore front of every strategic decision.