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OUR i3Services ™

We offer a platform of IntelligentInnovative  and Infuential business services to help our clients maximize their potential.  Everything that we do is centered on helping our clients develop, implement and sustain successful growth strategies.


We offer a variety of business assessment tools ranging from basic web-based self assessments to very comprehensive assessments that involve detailed market and industry research. Our signature assessment is the Business Intelligence Assessment Summary Report or BIAS Report, which provides business owners with a rated in-depth analysis of their business, as well as a professional set of recommendations. Our business assessments are typically used in conjunction with the strategic and financial planning process.


With a solid assessment of the business, nulevelsolutions specializes in leading management teams in the strategic and financial planning process. We have a proven methodology for building powerful plans that are centered on the specific growth and operational needs of the business; nulevelsolutions facilitates, documents and coordinates all activities surrounding the strategic planning process, using its proprietary on-line tool called the Strategic Action Plan.


nulevelsolutions has a comprehensive, but seamless financial planning process, which can be done on a stand-alone basis, but typically is prepared in conjunction with the Strategic Action Plan. We use our in-house proprietary technology (Projections-Plus) to develop our financial plans. Projections-Plus generates a wide-range of reports that serve as highly effective management tools and are perfect for raising capital, as well as obtaining buy-in from other relevant outside 3rd parties.


One of the first questions we ask every client is, “what are your personal goals, as it relates to the business?” We believe that the end justifies the means; thus, the personal long-range goals of each owner will drive the actions that are taken in the present. A good analogy of a bad approach would be trying to prepare a marathoner using a sprinter’s workout. We help our clients develop effective and executable Succession Plans and Exit Strategies that coincide with the goals of each owner, as well as the objectives of their customers. Our approach is customized, but often involves business valuations and operating agreements, as well as ensuring that all of the appropriate systems are in place to fuel the trajectory that the business must go in over the defined period of time.


Behind every great idea, plan and decision is a set of relevant information, which requires a unique talent to acquire, assess / interpret, and implement. Research & Analysis is the foundation behind all of our work at nulevelsolutions. When we make recommendations to our clients, it is our goal to ensure that each is properly vetted and supported by a verifiable set of data.


We are experts at developing and implementing leadership training programs, aimed at building capacity. All of our training programs are customized and provide a simulation component, which ensures that those participating remain engaged and have a much richer overall experience. A key focus for nulevelsolutions has been in developing and administering business accelerator programs, which collectively have served over 100 businesses and resulted in more than $100 million dollars in revenue increases and nearly 1,000 full-time jobs being created.


In every aspect of service we provide, our team is always in coaching mode, driving our clients towards their greatest potential. In some cases our clients require a more dedicated coaching program, and we are there to help those leaders establish customized personal development plans aimed at helping each achieve their goals.


We are experts at evaluating opportunities, including customer and partnership opportunities. Our team can assess, price and help negotiate relevant terms and conditions associated with these types of opportunities. In addition, we can assist clients in developing proposals, pitch decks and other related tools necessary for pursuing any type of transaction. Our focus is to ensure that each client enters into a transaction, well protected, aware, and financially sound.


Every business should have some type of team of advisors or board of directors. nulevelsolutions has created their own model for these teams which we call, Accountability Partners. Our model consists of a group of thought leaders that have unique capabilities, experiences and qualities, and who are committed to holding business owners and their management teams accountable to their own strategic objectives. We have established a proven and systematic approach to vetting, engaging and facilitating Accountability Teams. At times, we actually serve as Accountability Partners


Many of our clients struggle with creative ways to position themselves for growth. This often includes the challenge of tapping into objective creative thoughts and ideas. One of nulevelsolutions’s greatest assets is its ability to help company’s generate, evaluate and develop ideas and transformative strategies to pursue. We deliver out-of-the-box solutions that extend beyond conventional “Design Thinking.