We offer a platform of IntelligentInnovative and Infuential business solutions to help our clients maximize their potential.  These solutions are the engine, which drives the services that we offer.

MoxiPlan is a Web-based collaborative strategic planning tool, which enables management teams to develop comprehensive strategic and tactical plans.  With it, teams can collaborate around multiple plan scenarios for whole companies or divisions within a company.  In addition, Moxiplan includes a pipeline tool, which compliments the strategic planning component, by enabling managers to capture and track key growth opportunities.

Business Intelligence Assessment Summary is a Mobile-friendly business assessment app, which provides business owners and key stakeholders with a summary health and capacity assessment, as well as an assessment of business growth potential; this application can be found within our signature strategic planning tool – MoxiPlan or as a standalone tool, administered discretely during special events, work shops, and leadership training series.

Program Intelligence Analytics Summary is a Mobile-friendly program metrics tracking tool, which enables program managers to set, manage and track specific goals and metrics established for long-term business accelerator and training programs.  With the app, participants will be able to add periodic performance data, such as the number of contract awards, opportunities, and other benefits derived from their association with various programs.

Compalla is a Web-based HR management tool, which facilitates Individual Performance Plans, bonus payout calculations, and various HR administrative (records management) functions, including electronic file storage, interim managerial notes, and other related features.  This tool is collaborative, allowing employees and their managers to coalesce around the annual performance review process.