How does nulevelsolutions deploy the Strategic Simulations Executive Leadership Academy ("SSELA")?

The SSELA is typically conducted in partnership with a large organization that oversees the leadership development of a cohort of small businesses, or one that provides small business training to a group of small businesses. Our experience has been with Chambers, Non-profits, government agencies, such as the SBA, universities / community colleges, and corporations wanting to develop businesses within their supply chain. We can customize the program to fit within any other training program or as a standalone.

What are the requirements for a business to participate in the SSELA?

Generally, participants should have been in operation for 3-years or more, be profitable with average annual growing sales in excess of $500K, have 3+ dedicated internal managers, and have the ability to dedicate up to 4-days to the program, without it being a major disruption to the business.

How much does it cost to participate in the SSELA?

Cost for participating in SSELA will vary. Typically, we contract with a sponsor organization who sets the terms with the participants they select for the program. As a standalone, fees will vary based on group size, but can range between $2K to $5K per participant.

What is required from participants for the SSELA program?

The SSELA requires a lot of prep work, both for nulevelsolution’s team and the participants. Participants will be required to complete several on-line survey’s and provide a significant amount of internal information, including historical financial statements.

What are the deliverables associated with the BIAS Report?

The BIAS tool generates a comprehensive six-point rated report, which focuses on six key areas of the business. Each section obtains an objective rating, based on data input into the system. The report also consists of a recommendation set put forth by nulevelsolutions. These recommendations serve as a good foundation for areas of focus during the SAP process.

How does CIO-Service work?

CIO-Service effectively allows clients to make everyday business intel requests to our team. These requests are generally based on those inquisitive thoughts that cross our minds during the day or that have been eating at us for weeks. It might be related to competitive pricing, who heads up a company, who the top rated competitors are, what tradeshow events are coming during the current year, and other related questions. We effectively become your company’s Chief Intel Officer (CIO).

How is CIO-Service priced?

Pricing for CIO-Service is based on a retainer. Depending on the plan you select, clients pay a certain amount each month. Our team will provide a fixed quote for each request, which will reduce the retainer balance. In the event they client exceeds the retainer balance with a request, they will be required to replenish their retainer balance.

What happens if I don't make periodic requests under my CIO-Service account?

nulevelsolutions allocates resources to be available to address the anticipated level of requests made during your retainer period; as such, any unused fees will not be refunded.

Do you provide business planning services?

Yes. Our approach to business planning runs parallel to our strategic planning approach. We are planners; whether its a project or a full-blown business / strategic plan, we can help you map it out and document it in a highly professional and effective manner. Our plans are designed to appeal to all stakeholders including, but not limited to, managers, owners, lenders, investors, strategic partners and customers.

How long does it take to complete a typical business plan or strategic plan?

This will vary great, as we customize every plan to fit the needs of each client. A big part of timing involves how engaged the client is in the process and how quickly they are able to provide the necessary pre-planning data. That said, with all data in-hand and a fully engaged management team, it is our goal to have each plan facilitated, documented and ready for execution within 45-days.

Do you guarantee the success of your work?

No. We guarantee that we will work very hard to meet each client’s needs, and with all of the appropriate data in hand, will delivery a professional, well constructed plan on time. While we can assist in the execution process, we cannot guarantee the outcome, because we are not in control of that part of the project.

What role does nulevelsolutions play in helping organizations establish management training programs?

We have a turnkey process for helping organizations establish management training programs. Our approach consists of, first helping the client evaluate the needs of the target market, which involves data collection and market analysis. We then provide the client with a detailed written report, outlining the optimal program solution(s). Secondly, once the client has reviewed their options and determined in which direction they want to go, we can provide them with a customized curriculum / program. Thirdly, we can assist the client in identifying and vetting all key stakeholders, to include facilitators, coaches, advisors, strategic partners, investors and participants. We actually develop profiles for each stakeholder group. Finally, we offer our clients access to the n360 Platform of tools, which enables them to track performance, assess participants, develop SAPs, and a variety of other administrative functions. Many of our clients ask us to oversee the administration of their programs, which we are capable of doing.

What type of confidential / sensitive information are clients required to provide n360?

No. We guarantee that we will work very hard to meet each client’s needs, and with all of the appropriate data in hand, will delivery a professional, well constructed plan on time. While we can assist in the execution process, we cannot guarantee the outcome, because we are not in control of that part of the project.

Are clients assigned a dedicated consultant for each project?

Yes. Clients receive a dedicated Thought Leader, who will specialize in the key areas of need. We call our consultants, “Thought Leaders,” because we are there to help lead your organization into higher thinking so that you will be better armed to understand and resolve critical issues in the future.